Activities on Funzi Island

Funzi Sandbank shelter with Mikoko Cove

Relax on the Funzi Sandbank

Price: Free for overnight guests
Sun shelter Yes
Cushions & chairs Yes
Cold drinks Yes
Alcohol served Yes
Time of the day Low tide (varies)
Toys for children Yes

Funzi Island is perhaps most known for the stunning sandbank that appears during low tide. This immaculate white beach appears for around 4 hours and provides the perfect place to relax in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Since the tide times change every day the sandbank sometimes appears during the day and at other times during sundown or in the evening.

During the day the Funzi Sandbank is the perfect place to go for a swim, work on your tan or to just relax & chill on comfortable cushions and chairs under the sun shelter with a cold beverage in hand.

With the right tides you might be able to witness a stunning sunset from the sandbank and lay back and gaze at the starry nights sky while listening to the crackling of a camp fire.

Daily trips to the Funzi Sandbank are included at no extra cost to our overnight guests.

Come and enjoy this unique experience with us at Mikoko Cove on Funzi Island.