Activities on Funzi Island

Explore the Ramisi River by boat

Ramisi River Boat Trip

Price: $15 per person
Min 2 people per trip
Time of the day Mid - High tide
Cold drinks Yes
Duration 2-3 hours

Take an adventurous boat trip to explore the Ramisi River just south of Funzi Island where it flows out into the Indian Ocean. The fresh water that mixes with salt water, combined with the mangrove forest that lines the river, are the perfect habitat for a multitude of bird life sea life. The Ramisi River also offers a chance to see crocodiles in their natural fresh water habitat further up the river.

The local fisherman catch crab and delicious prawns in the Ramisi River which we serve in our restaurant. The river also provides oysters and other shellfish growing on the river bank which we often collect during the trip to pair with an enjoyable aperitif before dinner.

Aside for the beautiful wildlife, the Ramisi River also provides beautiful views and landscapes, reminiscent of the Amazon. Come enjoy a lovely trip out on the water and experience this beautiful ecosystem with us.