About Mikoko Cove Ecolodge

Mikoko Cove Ecolodge

What makes us an Ecolodge?

At Mikoko Cove we believe that our natural environment is the most important thing we have. As such we strive to minimize any negative environmental impact and to play our part in protecting and conserving the nature around us. We offer our guests many nature based activities that provide an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty around us while also learning more about how it impacts our lives.

We use the permaculture ethics of Earth care, People care & Fair share as a foundation for our approach. This includes learning from cultures that have existed in relative balance with the environment for a long time combined with knowledge of our modern time to transition to a sustainable future.

Making a difference

Below are a number of things we do here on Funzi Island to help play our part in conserving our beautiful natural environment.

Minimize waste

We minimize the use of non-reusable & non-recyclable products.

Let it grow

By limiting slashing of grass & shrubs creates natural habitats for wildlife and reduces erosion & evaporation.

Remove invasive species

We remove certain invasive exotic shrub species that do not belong on Funzi Island.

Pick up trash

The first step to a cleaner environment is of course picking up any rubbish we find in and around Funzi Island.

Monkey business

We have both Sykes & Colobus monkeys and we ensure they have routes up in the trees to move from one side of the property to the other.

Powered by the sun

Mikoko Cove is off the grid, we utilize solar power for our energy needs and have a generator as backup.

Permaculture garden

We are in the early stages of setting up a permaculture garden to grow healthy organic food for the restaurant without the use of chemicals.

Buy local

We buy local whenever possible which minimizes unnecessary transport of produce/food and helps support the local community.

Create awareness

Our nature trail contains over 40 indigenous tree species and we provide information about traditional medicinal uses.